Friday, October 30, 2015

soft pie

i really like my pudding pie it was fairly good

I made the pie crust the day before we made the pudding. first I separated my eggs yolks from the whites. Then I then beat the egg yolks with a whisk. after that I put the eggs whites  I put my salt, cornstarch, sugar, and coco powder into a pan and added my milk.after that I cookedthe pudding and kept stirring so it wouldnt burn cause then even i wouldnt eat it. After the mixture got really thick I added my egg yolks.Then the fun part had to temper my eggs so it wouldn't be chunky . After that I poured my mixture into my pie crust.

then it was time to start on our merang and we beat the whites till stiff peak then put it on top and threw it into the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

IT was an ok pie i didn't really like the meringue on to[p i would have liked it with whipped cream in stead.


for the quiche we made a pie crust but didn't put holes on the bottom of it like the soft pie then we put cheese on the bottom of it then we put sauge nest then more cheese then our milk and eggs and then layered bacon on top cook it in the oven for a short period of time then we cut it up and it was very cheesy and the bacon made it a little grease but i was good the layers of cheese turned out well.


we made egg noodles we mixed flour and egg salt into a bowl and mixed.  then rolled them out flat then  rolled them like a cinnamon roll and cut 1 inch strips then threw them into a towel and let them dry out then put them into our broth and let them soften so they look like actual noodles and put chilly powder so it could have a little kick to it cause y not it tasted good. it had a soft noodle with small pieces of chicken with a little after bight of the chili powder

Cooked Vegetable-Grilled Parmesan Zucchini

This was my favorite thing to make by far. It was easy and tasted amazing! You need 3 zucchini’s, butter, garlic (minced), fresh parsley, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. You need to cut the ends off of the zucchini and then cut them into thirds lengthwise, making thick long strips. Once they are all cut you melt the butter and mix it together with the garlic and fresh parsley for seasoning. You then coat them in the mixture and place them onto a broiling pan. Top off the coated ones with the parmesan cheese and place in the oven on broil until the cheese gets to a crispy golden brown.

I loved everything about this recipe. I wouldn’t want to change anything except for maybe add a little more of the butter sauce. I will be making this again.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Raw Fruit-Fruit Cake

With this recipe we made a cake with flour, butter, condensed milk, vanilla, milk, sugar, and baking powder. We blended the butter, condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla until it was all well blended. We then added the baking powder and flour slowly making sure it all blends properly. After it was all mixed together we added the milk to it to get the right consistency to the batter. We then poured it into two round cake pans and baked it at 300 degrees for 25 minutes.

While this was cooking we made the frosting. We took one tub of cool whip, and 1 cup of powdered sugar and mixed until they blended together. After the frosting was made we then cut up strawberries, pineapples, and apples into small bite size slices. After the cake was cooked and cooled we placed frosting on top of one of the layers then placed the other layer on top of it. We then frosted the outside of it and placed the fruit on it in a pattern that matched.

I like this cake a lot. It was a very heavy cake, and the frosting blended well with the fruit and cake all in one. I would definitely make this recipe again.

Raw Vegetable-Creamy Cucumber Side

In this recipe I took a cucumber of about one pound and cut off both ends and then cut in half the long way. I then took the one half of a semi-circle and I cut thin slices of cucumber off. Once this was done I placed it into a colander. I then diced an onion into small diced pieces and placed it into the colander along with the cucumber. I then shook in a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar into the veggies. I then rinsed them and dried them off with a towel.

IMG_20151014_142645418.jpgIn a separate bowl I placed 2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar, and one teaspoon of sugar and stirred them until the sugar was completely dissolved. I then added plain greek yogurt, freshly chopped dill, and a little bit of salt into the mixture. I placed the dry vegetables into the creamy mix and mixed until it was completely covered. I covered the bowl and placed in the fridge overnight to get the full flavors to sink in.

I didn’t like this recipes taste. I didn’t enjoy any of the ingredients inside of it, and I didn’t like the texture to it. All the other people who tried it said that it was really good. I personally didn’t enjoy it. What I had trouble with was making sure that the cucumbers were cut very thin and cutting the onion. Overall this was a fairly easy recipe.

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

With this recipe we sliced potatoes into ¼ inch slices, onions into rings and layered them in a casserole dish. We then melted butter into a sauce pan. After melted we then mixed in flour and salt and stirred non-stop for one minute. We then added the cheese to make a creamy cheesy based sauce. Once this was nice and smooth we poured it on top of the layered potato mix and baked it in the oven at 400 degrees for 1 ½ hours.

This recipe was hard and easy in some ways. It was easy because the cutting of the vegetables didn’t take long at all. It was hard to make the cheese sauce because you had to make sure that it didn’t burn to the pan. I also didn’t like how long it took to cook.

I would tell people to make this recipe. I liked how soft the potatoes came out, the blend of the cheese and potatoes. The only thing I would have done differently would be to cut the onions into diced pieces instead of rings to make it easier to eat.

Chicken Noodle Soup (Noodles)

Remember the day that we cut up our chicken for our fried chicken? Remember how we saved the back and the neck? This is where we used it. After it had been sitting in the pot filled with water we placed it on the stove until it came to a boil. After this was boiling we lowered the heat and let it simmer with the lid covering it. We did this until some pieces were coming off of the bones. Afterwards we took the chicken out and placed into a large bowl. Leaving the water in it because it is now a broth.

We then made egg noodles. This was a little flour, salt, and an egg. We had to blend it all together by hand and then roll it out to a very thin sheet. We rolled it into a line like a caterpillar, and then cut into it making small spirals. Then after they were all cut we unrolled them, and cut them in half so they weren’t so big, and laid them all out onto a towel.

We then start to pull the meat off of the bones trying to get as much off as we can. Once we get all the meat off that we can we then throw away the bones. Place the pulled chicken back into the broth, place the noodles in it as well, and bring back to a boil. Then you can add spices as you feel needed.

I enjoyed this recipe because it was easy, and it gave us the option to be creative and branch out by placing our own desired spices into the soup. Our soup tasted really nice and it was perfectly seasoned.

(Unfortunately the pictures for this never sent through)

Your Choice-Breakfast Bake

IMG_20151007_151102510.jpgFirst we cooked the bacon so it came out crispy. We also cut up our onion into small diced pieces. We blended 8 eggs and 1 ½ cups of milk until it was well blended. Into a greased cupcake tin we placed a layer of hash browns for our base, placed onions on top, a layer of cheddar cheese, and then poured our scrambled egg mix over top of them all. We then placed them into the oven and let them cook until they were golden brown.

This is my favorite thing to make. I enjoy making this because it is fun, tastes good, and you can design it as to how you want it. We decided to make them into cupcakes.

I thought that they turned out great. They were perfectly cooked, the hash browns were not too mushy, and the texture was perfect. I would suggest to anyone that they should make these.

Cooked Fruit-Apple Rose

This recipe was easy yet hard at the same time. What was harder was making sure that we cut up the apples into small thin slices so they could be rolled, making sure they all get covered by the lemon water so they don’t brown, and rolling it in the dough to where the dough doesn’t tear.

download_20151029_173925.jpgdownload_20151029_173923.jpgWhat we did first was cut the apples into very thin slices and placed into a bowl of lemon water to prevent the browning. We then laid out the pastry dough and cut it into 6 even strips. After the strips were made we did a thin layer of apricot jelly to give a sort of paste to place the apples. After the jelly was set we placed apples overlaying each other, rolled them up into a small ball, and place into a cupcake tin with the red part of the skin facing up. You bake them at ___ degrees. Once they are out place onto a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar to give it some more decoration.

I enjoyed this recipe because it was easy and hard at the same time. I enjoyed how the apricot jelly complimented the apple taste. And I enjoyed how they looked. Overall I was pleased with this choice and I would recommend this to anyone who asked me about it.

Final Meal (all dishes on here)

This is my blog for my final meal food. Our theme was Italian cuisine.

Main Dish: Lasagna Cupcakes 

The first thing I did was prep the cupcakes, so I started by cooking the ground beef. While that was on the stove top, I was cutting the filo dough into about 3 inch long squares and laid them in the bottom of the cupcake pan.

Next I sprinkled some mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta cheese on the bottoms of the cupcakes. Then I added the cooked beef and added pasta sauce on top. I added the rest of the parmesan and mozzarella on top and then I saran wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for the next day to cook it.

The next day, I cooked the cupcakes, which was only 20 minutes long. When they came out I topped each one with some chopped basil for looks.

Since we served the final meal family style, we had to take them all out of the pan and onto a plate. The challenging part was that the filo dough was so thin, that the cupcake gave away and would break.

I later asked my dad about the final meal and he said his favorite dish were these so he liked them despite the appearance.

The cupcakes tasted so good! The cheese was gooey and the meat was super tasty too. I have had lasagna before and this tasted just like how my dad makes it! I was thrilled with that it tasted so good!

This recipe is super easy to follow and fast way to make lasagna and kids will think it's fun!

Side Dish: Parmesan Tomatoes

First, we cut the tomatoes into equal slices and laid them out on the cookie sheet.

Next we had to make the sauce for the top of the tomatoes. We mixed together in a bowl, mayo, Dijon mustard and spicy mustard.

Then we spread even coats of the sauce on top of the tomatoes.

Lastly, we put mozzarella and parmesan cheese on the sauce and then put it in the oven for 20 minutes or until the cheese was golden.

I asked Mr. Burke which dish did he like the most and he had to say the tomatoes. He loved the tastes how they all went together.

I personally hate tomatoes. Never eat them EVER!! But at the final meal I gave these a go because I had to, and these weren't that bad! The mustards and mayo all worked together and the cheese on top was so creamy and delicious!

Starch: Breadsticks

This recipe was super fast and I love how quickly you can make these yummy breadsticks!

The first thing I did was set the yeast. I had to take warm water and add sugar and the yeast then stir it till it's dissolved. Then you let it sit for 5 min.

After that, I added 4 cups of flour to the yeast, adding one cup at a time, and mix it all on medium high.

Once all the flour is together, you have a dough ball.

Next you want to have your melted butter and pour half of it on the cookie sheet.

Then you will take the dough and place it in the middle of the cookie sheet and start to spread it to the edges, evenly.

After it is all spread out, I poured the rest of the butter over top the dough and spread it around the whole thing. We then added the garlic powder and sprinkled that over the dough and added parmesan on top.

Then we let the dough rise in the oven for 10 min at 170*. Then you set the oven to 350* and let them cook for 15 more minutes.

When they come out, cut them int 5 rows up and down then down the middle horizontally.

These were absolutely amazing breadsticks. They were chewy, but soft. The seasoning was really good on the top of the bread.

I will definitely be making these again, because they taste good and they are quick to make!

Dessert: Cream Puffs

This cream puffs recipe took 2 days to complete.

Day one we made the shells to the cream puffs. We started off adding the butter in the sauce pan, the sugar, salt and water, over medium high heat.

Once all the butter is melted, we add in the flour, quickly stirring. You stir as fast as you can until the dough comes off the sides of wall and creates ball. After you make the ball, drop it into the mixer bowl and set for 2 min.

After that, you take 4 eggs, adding each one at a time, to the dough as it goes on high in the mixer for 5 min.

Then you will pipe out the dough onto the cookie sheet. We were only suppose to make 10, but instead we made 20 so we had small cream puffs. We had to but the batter into a bag and cut off one of the corners to squeeze out the batter. This made a HUGE mess!

Finally I successfully got the cream puffs onto the cookie sheet. I put them in the oven for 30 minutes. When they came out they looked flat.

I made the mistake of not leaving them out, but putting them in the fridge overnight, which made them soggy

Day 2 I had to make the cream. We started by whipping the heavy cream until it was thick, then we added powdered sugar and vanilla until soft peak forms.

The shells were very small and hard to fill, so we had to take the tops off and put cream there, then put the top on. Then we chilled them.

They didn't taste bad. I have had cream puffs before and because I refrigerated the shells, they were soggy and not flaky and crunchyish.

These were very challenging to make and I may not make them again.

Drink: Italian Soda

This was a really tasty drink.

We started by adding 1/3 full of ice, then we added in the sparkling water to the glass.

Next we added the cherry syrup and stirred it all in.

Even though this was easy to make, it was a really good drink and I would make this any day since it is so simple.


Overall I think our meal had ups and downs but I thought all of it tasted very good!

I set the table to an Italian theme, with a centerpiece and I was taught the proper way to set a table.

The guests that came said they had a very great time coming in at eating. They both loved our meal.

This class taught me a lot about cooking food and knowledge about the kitchen and I am happy I took this class.



Soft Pie-Banana Cream Pie

We first made our crust. We did this by combining flour and salt. Once it was all mixed together we cut in lard by using a pastry blender. When it was mixed together we added water. Then I pressed it into the pan and covered and placed in the fridge over night.

I then made a vanilla pudding from scratch. This was hard because I couldn’t let the pudding burn to the bottom of the sauce pan and we had to temper the eggs. After this was all made I set it aside while I cut up bananas into small slices and placed in lemon water to prevent browning. I then laid the bananas in the bottom of the pie crust, and poured the pudding on top of it all.

While we were making the pudding we also made some meringue. I took the whites of the eggs from the pudding and beat them until they make soft tips and added sugar to it. This is to make it sweet. Once this had the right texture to it I placed it on top of the pie and baked it in the oven until the meringue got golden brown tips. I then let it cool in the fridge over night.

I liked this recipe because I love banana cream pie. I enjoyed how the meringue tasted like marshmallow and how the pudding turned out to have just the right amount of flavor to the pie. The only downside to this is that it was really rich.

(Unfortunately the picture for this one wouldn't upload.)


IMG_20150930_142743721.jpgWith this recipe we used the same crust that we used for our soft pies. So, we had the crusts made the day before and they were ready for us to pour eggs into them. My first step was beating 6 eggs together into a large bowl, and add one cup of milk to it to make them creamier and taste better. After the eggs were all beaten I add 2 cups of cheese because I like my eggs to have extra cheese and added slices of fresh mushrooms.

After it was all mixed together I poured it into the pie crust and baked it in the oven until the eggs were fully cooked through. I then took it out of the oven and let it cook for 10 minutes.

I enjoyed this recipe because I love eggs when they are cooked in the oven. My quiche had just the right amount of cheese to cover some of the mushroom. I wouldn’t change anything about this recipe and I will definitely be making this again.

Fruit Pizza

I made a sugar cookie crust for my fruit pizza. After putting it in the oven we cooked it for around twelve minutes. When it came out of the oven it was golden brown and smelt just like a sugar cookie. I believe that the cookie was the best visual piece of my pizza. The cookie tasted crunchy, and sweet like a cookie should.
Displaying IMG_3138.JPG
I started off by cutting the pineapple first. With the forward rocking motion the pineapple sliced very well. Next was the kiwi same as the pineapple this cut very smoothly. Orange was not like the kiwi, or the pineapple. I struggled with the technique of cutting the orange. Apple was much better, because it had to sit over night I put it in lime water. For the frosting we used the process of creaming. We creamed; cream cheese, powder sugar, and vanilla. The final project had a very nice creamy taste and feel to it. This worked very nicely on my sugar cookie crust.

Grilled zucchini

(on phone)

This recipe was my favorite to make and it's grilled zucchini.

The first thing we did was preheat the oven to broil the zucchinis.

Next, we chopped up the zucchini into long strips and minced up garlic.

We put the garlic and olive oil together in a bowl to make a marinade.

Then we took the zucchini slices and dipped them in the marinade and put them on the grill thing. We sprinkled parmesan cheese on top of the zucchinis and put them in the oven for about 4-5 min or until the cheese is golden.

I haven't eaten a lot of zucchini before and I have come to love it from this recipe. The zucchini tasted so good and it was very juicy! The marinade was so good with the zucchini I loved it!

I seriously recommend this to anyone just because it is super easy to make and it is really good!:)

Creamy Potatoes

(on phone)

This recipe is cheesy au gratin potatoes

The first thing we did was cut the potatoes up in to smallish chunks and cut the onion into rings. We put half of the potatoes and onions in the the glass dish and then added salt and pepper to them. Then we added the rest into the dish and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Next we made the cheese sauce. We had to melt the butter in the bottom of the saucepan and added flour to make a roux. We then added in our milk and incorporated that in with the roux. Next we added the cheese and waited till it was melted and thick.

After the cheese sauce was done, we poured it over the potatoes. We then put it in the oven to cook.

I was gone the day we got to eat it so I don't know how they tasted, but they looked really good on the picture!! I wish I could've eaten them though.

Apple Roses

(on phone)

This recipe is apple roses and one of my favorite recipes.

The first thing we did was cut up our apples into thin slices. If they are too thick, they the rose won't work. Next we soaked the apples in lime water so they didn't brown.

Next we took our filo dough and cut them into strips so we have 12.

We then spread the apricot jam onto the strips.

Then we lined the apples, overlapping each other and only going down half way down the strip.

Once the apples were on, we folded the bottom half up, covering part of the apples. We then rolled them up into a cinnamon roll form and put them into the cupcake pan.

We took the cinnamon and sugar mixture and sprinkled it over the tops of the roses.

Next we cooked them in the oven. When they came out, we sprinkled powdered sugar over them.

Despite the filo dough sticking to the pan and the roses looking kind of ugly, they tasted really good. The apples were warm and cinnamony. The filo dough made a nice crunchy texture around the roses. The apples were also really sticky from the cinnamon and the apricot jam.

The roses didn't quite turn out picture perfect, but they were very good and I recommend this to people to make!:)

Ramen challenge

(on phone)

This recipe was made from mystery boxes with different ingredients in them.

The challenge was to make a creative ramen noodle recipe with the ingredients from your box.

My partner and I, for our ingredients, got: Ramen, vienna sausage, black beans, and mole.

I looked at the combo and was really shocked because I had to come up with something to make this taste good.

I started by making the beans, since they would take the longest. I then added in mole with the beans to make a bean mole soup thingy.

Next, I started my ramen on the stove. We decided to add the flavor packet that comes with the ramen noodles into the noodles. once they were done, we tried a noodle and it was salty. Then we tried the beans and that too was salty. Not only were those both salty, but we warmed the sausages up and cut them into little slices. And they too were salty!

To tone down the salty in the beans, we added some brown sugar into the mole and beans. It worked.

Once it was time to serve our guests, I first put noodles on the little spoon server things. Next I added the bean mole on top of the noodles and each one got 2 sausage slices.

At first I wasn't sure how this would taste, but I tried it and surprisingly I found it tasty. Im glad I added the brown sugar to the bean mole, because the rest was salty!


(on phone)

This recipe was for a "Chopped" inspired game. We all made the same dough, but you had to top it with your choice of toppings and sauce.

We started with our dough. Once it was all made up, I put it on the pizza pan and spread out the dough. I made a nice crust by pinching the edges around.

Next what we did was cut up zucchini in half moons. We then minced up some garlic too. I put the garlic into a bowl along with the olive oil with some salt and pepper.

We then took humus and spread it over the dough as the sauce for the pizza. I don't like humus that much, so I added a little bit of cheese to the sauce.

Then we marinated the zucchini in the oil and garlic and I arranged them neatly around the dough.

I sprinkled one more layer of cheese then we put it in the oven until the cheese browned and the crust.

To be honest, I was surprised about the taste of the pizza. I thought the dough was fantastic, and the humus was so good with the zucchini.

I would recommend this for vegetarians, since it is really good and no meat! Or for anyone actually! This is a really healthy pizza and it tastes good too!:)

Chicken noodle soup

(on phone)

This recipe we made homemade chicken noodle soup.

The first thing we did was make our noodles. We started with the dough. Once that was all made up, we rolled it out on the counter with flour on it. Then I rolled my dough up like a burrito. I appoximately made 1/4 in cuts to make the noodles. We unrolled each noodle and laid it out to dry out over night.

The next day, we used the chicken back from our previous recipes. We had to pull the chicken off the bone, which was sort of difficult to do. We used the broth from the chicken and added the chicken into the broth. once it came to a boil, we added the noodles in.

We got to season the soup however we wanted to. My group added in garlic powder, poultry seasoning, and pepper and some salt.

The soup taste amazing! We lost a lot of broth due to the amount of noodles, but what ever broth we had tasted so good! The homemade noodles were soft and not too thick.

Overall, I loved this recipe. I thought it tasted just as good as the store bought ones!!:)

Oreo Cheesecake

(pics on phone)

This recipe is oreo cheesecake with oreo crust.

 The first thing we did was crush up oreos for the crust. We used the crusher that hooks up to the kitchen aid. We then melted butter and added that to the oreos. The crushed oreos were then pushed onto the bottom of the spring form pan for the crust. I added whole oreos around the side of the crust for the sides.

To start the cake, we first added the cream cheese to the mixer and mixed it until it was creamy and smooth. We then added the sugar and once that was well blended we added the sour cream, vanilla and cocoa powder and mixed it well. After that, we added 4 eggs one at a time.

We were suppose to wait to put the last layer on, but instead we put it on too early. This, however, didnt make a difference. I added aluminum foil around the pan and we put it on to a cookie sheet with a thin layer of water. The cake then cooked for about 35-40 minutes.

The cheesecake had to cool for 4 hours, so we left it in the fridge overnight.

The next day we ate it. Im not a fan of cheesecake, but I still tried it anyway. The crust was my favorite part. The sour cream sugar layer on top was my least favorite. The cheesecake itself wasn't that bad, but the texture was ew.

I'm still not a fan of cheesecake after this recipe, but I thought it wasn't that bad.

Cucumber side

(pics on phone)

This recipe was a cucumber side.

The first thing I had to do was cut up the cucumbers and onions. I made them into half moons and the onions were diced. I then put them in the colander. I then sprinkled the salt and sugar over it and then rinsed them off.

I then took my greek yogurt, lemon, and rice vinegar in a bowl and mixed that up.

I dumped the cucumbers and the onions in the yogurt mixture and stirred it all together.

The last thing I did for this recipe was chop up my dill. I then added it into the bowl and stirred it in.

I put it in the fridge and let it cool over night.

The next day I got to try it. I was a little hesitant, just because this was really new to me and Im not that big of a fan of yogurt. I did try it and it had a weird kind of taste (good one). The texture wasn't my favorite either. I think if this was with crackers or something, it will taste much better!

Fruit cake

(pics on phone)

This recipe is cake topped with whipped cream and fruit.

The first thing we did was make the cake batter. Once we mixed the ingredients in the kitchen aid, we put them in the cake pans and into the oven until the cake was golden brown.

While the cake was cooking, we made the frosting, which was whipped cream and powdered sugar. We whipped the whipped cream and powdered sugar together, which tasted really good!

Next we cut up pineapple, strawberries and apples. We had previous experience in cutting up the fruits from the fruit pizza.

Now its time to assemble the cake. We took one of the halves and covered it up with the frosting. Next we added the second half on top of the first one and then covered the rest of the cake with the remaining frosting.

Finally we topped the cake with our fruit in a cool pattern and let it chill over night.

When it was time to eat it was excited. The cake itself didn't have a lot of taste to it, but the fruit and the frosting helped with that. The cake was soft and spongy and tasted good. The frosting was amazing! The fruit was cut to perfect size and was super good too!

This recipe was fun to make and I would like to make it again for family:)

Mac n Cheese

(pics on phone)

This recipe was homemade mac n cheese.

The first thing I did was start by boiling up some water on the stove for the noodles.

Once the water was boiling, I added the noodles until they were tender, then I strained them out and put them in the dish.

While the noodles were cooking, we had to make the cheese sauce. We started with melting the butter in the saucepan and added the flour. This created what is know as a roux. We then poured in the milk, and stirring at the same time. Once the milk was incorporated, we added the cheese. When the cheese melted we poured the cheese sauce over the noodles and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. About 5 minutes before the time was done, we sprinkled cheese over the whole thing then cooked it the other 5 minutes.

The mac n cheese tasted so good! We cooked the noodles until they were nice and soft. The only problem was the cheese sauce. Since we were in a hurry, we didn't let the cheese fully melt in the roux, so it turned to be lumpy and sort of gritty. Otherwise the meal tasted great!

This recipe is easy to follow and I will for sure use this recipe in the future!


To make salsa we had to wash our hand and I put up my hair.

We had to do a lot of cutting for this. We first started off with chopping the tomatoes. We cut the skin off of them first, then cut them into cube sized pieces. Next, we chopped the onion up, which I let Jared do. I cut up the Jalapeno which was kinda fun. We both then minced the garlic. Once that was done added all the stuff to a bowl and put in some lime juice.

The salsa was kinda hot from the jalapeno. Otherwise it tasted good!

Potato soup

To make potato soup there are few things you need to do. First I had to wash my hands and then put my hair up. 
Next step is to cook the bacon in a skillet over medium heat until done. Then we removed the bacon from the pan and added celery and onions. We cooked those until the onion was transparent. Then we added the garlic. 

While I was cutting the potatoes this was cooking. Next we added in the potatoes, but we moved it into a bigger pan. We cooked them and then added chicken stock to it. 

In a different pan we melted butter and we whisked in flour. Then we cooked it for about 2 minutes. Then we added heavy cream, tarragon and cilantro. We beat the cream mixture to a boil, and cooked it stirring it constantly until it was thickened. Next, we stirred this mixture into the potato mixture and we let it cook until the potatoes were tender. 

Once it was done we tasted the soup, The soup was a little darker than it should have been. I don't think the potatoes we all the way done, because some of them were still kind of hard. Otherwise the soup tasted good!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Soft Pie

When we made our quiche we made two balls. The second dough ball is for our soft pie. To make our dough I combined the flour and salt first. Next, I added lard and cut it in with a pastry blender, when that was all done I added water. I laid the dough in a pan and covered it with suran wrap, to put in the fridge for next day. 

The next day I needed to make the chocolate pudding and meringue. The pudding was first, so I put all the dry ingredients in a sauce pan. The ingredients were: corn starch, salt, chocolate powder, and sugar. I then separated 4 egg yolks from the whites. While stirring the milk in the sauce pan to cook. The milk has a chance to burn while cooking, so I have to stir it continuously. I temp the egg yolks, by taking some of the boiling milk, putting it in the glass with the egg yolks, beating the eggs warming them up. I do this because if I put them in the boiling sauce pan they will harden and ruin the pudding. I keep stiring until the pudding is thick, once thick I put it on the pie crust. 

 I took my egg whites and put them in the Kitchen Aid. The Kitchen Aid whipped the yolks until they were frothy. I added vanilla, cream of tartar, once they were frothy. I then added sugar and whipped it more until stiff peaks. Once done I put it on top then put it in the oven. It cooked in the oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown. After it had to chill for 4 hours. 

I finally the next day, got to eat my pie, it was definitely worth the wait. The pie tasted amazing, the crust was my favorite part. The crust was nice and flaky and worked well with the thickness of the pudding. The pudding was nice, thick, and rich. The meringue added a great sugary-like taste to it. I was very impressed on how it turned out. This is the first time I have tried meringue and it was extremely delicious. 


We started by making the crust. We doubled the recipe, by adding flour, salt, water, and lard. We put the flour and salt in the same bowl and mixed it together. I then cut in the lard into small pieces.  We sprinkled water on the top of it and rolled the dough into two balls. We flattened them into a disc and sprinkled dough over and rolled it out thin. I put the pie dough in the pan and cut off the sides to about half inch around the sides. We put it in the fridge and let it sit over night. The next day I cooked my bacon, ground beef. Then cracked 6 eggs and combined it with  milk and cheese. I put all the ingredients in the pie and cooked it for 50 minutes, at 350 degrees.
I was very impressed on how my quiche turned out. My eggs were light and fluffy, my cheese was melted perfectly inside. The bacon, and sausage gave it the meaty taste I wanted. It tasted like a whole breakfast in one! I would love to have something like this every morning. I will try new ingredients inside for different combinations, next time.
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(again the pics wouldn't send to the computer)

This recipe is a quiche, eggs inside of a pie crust.

What I had to do was make the crust, which was the day I made my other pie crust for my pie. I mixed the salt and flour together then cut in the lard. After it was cut in I added the water then formed a ball out of the dough. I made it into a disk and rolled it out on the counter. I placed it into the pie pan and trimmed edges up to one inch, then crimped them to look pretty.

Next I beat up my eggs and cooked up my ham. I added the ham and some cheese into the eggs, then put them all into the crust and put it in the over to cook in the oven for 50 minutes.

When it came out it smelled really good. I haven't have quiche before so I was a little nervous trying it for the first time. When I tasted it, I thought it tasted good. The eggs were spongy and the cheese and ham mixed really well all together.

I do recommend this to anyone for a nice breakfast, because it is easy to make and it does taste good.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Apple Strudel

I love apple strudel so I thought that this was a good choice for me to cook

The first thing that we had to do was cut up 6 pounds of apples. While I cutting my partner was making the apple cinnamon mix. He used sugar, cinnamon, butter, and apple juice and mixed it all together. After i finished cutting the apples I had to cook them until they were soft. When they were soft I put them into a pan and put the jelly mixture on top and blended them together. Then I put it in the fridge for it to cool. After they were chilled I got three layers for phyllo dough and rolled the apple mix in it. I then cooked it on 350 degrees of 12 minutes. After it was cooked I put powdered sugar on top.

I thought it taste great but it did not look very good. The dough cracked a lot and it really flatend out but it had a good taste.
Chocolate cheesecake

I am not that big into cheesecake but me and my partner decided to make one.

The first thing we did was beat the cream cheese until its was very creamy. Then we added sugar,sour cream, eggs, vanilla, coco and we beat it at a low speed so it wouldn't splash. While that was mixing we started making the gram cracker crust. Which was just crushed gram crackers and butter that we pressed into a pan. When the crust was finished we poured our mixture into the crust and cooked in 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

I thought that the cake tasted pretty good for me not like cream cheese. It had a pretty hard chocolate taste but it taste alright.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Soft Pie

(the pictures wouldn't load on the computer, but all my pictures are on my phone if you want me to show you personally)

For this recipe I made a chocolate soft pie with merengue on top. 

This was a 2 day process, the first day was making the crust and the next day was for the merengue and chocolate pudding.

To make the crust, I mixed first the flour and salt. Then I cut in some lard with my pastry blender and once it was all cut in, I added the water. 

Once I formed the dough into a ball, I made it into a disk and rolled it out as far as it can go.  After that, I folded it into quarters and laid it into the pie pan.

I unfolded the dough so it covered the whole pan. I trimmed the edges up to an inch from the sides of the pie pan and tucked it under, so it was just around the rim. I then made the edges pretty by pinching the edges of the crust. Then I put it in the fridge for the next day when we baked the pie. 

The next day I made the pudding and the merengue. To make the pudding, I first added all the dry ingredients into the sauce pan, which is cornstarch, salt, the chocolate powder and sugar. I mixed them together, then I added milk, while stirring constantly. Before I added the milk though, I separated out 4 egg yolks and whites and gently beated the yolks. The whites will be used for the merengue later. I keep stirring as I temp the egg yolks (using a cup of the ingredients cooking on stove into the eggs and beating them fast) and then add them in. You have to stir the whole time, because if you don't, the pudding will stick to bottom of pan. I have the pudding over medium heat, mixing and scraping the bottom until the pudding is thick. Once it is all thick, I add it to the pie crust. 

The merengue I made while simultaneously cooking the pudding. To make it, I added the egg whites that I separated earlier into the Kitchen Aid and whipped them until they were frothy. Once they were nice and frothy I added the vanilla and cream of tarter to the whites and whipped until they hit soft peaks. Then I added the sugar and whipped it until stiff peak formed. 

After the merengue was done, I spread it all onto of the pie and put it in the over for 15 min or until the merengue was golden brown. When it is done, it chills for 4 hours.

The pie I made was very tasty. The crust crumbled in your mouth which was the goal, the merengue was soft and sweet, and the pudding was good too. The only thing I think was wrong about the pie was the pudding was very rich. But thats what happens when you make something from scratch. The pies appearance was appealing. I mean who can resist a mountain of merengue on top of chocolate pudding and a very delicious crust?!:) 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Apple Crisp

To make an apple crisp there are many things you need to do. First I needed to put up my hair and to wash my hands. We also preheated the oven to 350 degrees.

The next thing to do is to get out the ingredients. We needed 4 apples peeled, cored, and chopped. We then needed cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, flour, butter and salt.

The first thing we did was peeled the apples. Once they were peeled, we then cored them, then chopped them. Once they were chopped we put them into an 8x8 pan. We then sprinkled them with cinnamon and then nutmeg. Then we put aluminum foil on top of it and then put it into the oven for 20 minutes. Once it was done cooking for 20 minutes we then took it out.

When this was cooking we mixed together the sugar, flour, butter, and salt until it was all mixed together. Then we sprinkled that over the apples and put it back into the oven for 30 minutes.

When it was done it looked great. The apples were cooked well and the stuff on top tasted great.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chocolate pudding pie,

I am a pretty big fan of pudding pie myself but I have never made it. It can be a little bit tricky at times but other than that its fairly simple.

I made the pie crust the day before I started. The first thing I did was separated my eggs yolks from the whites.I then beat the egg yolks with a whisk. I put the eggs whites aside for later use. I then put my salt, cornstarch, sugar, and coco powder into a pan and added milk. I cooked it and had to stir it a lot to prevent burning. After the mixture got thick I had to add my egg yolks. This is the tricky part, I had to temper my eggs and add them into the mixture or else I would have scrambled eggs in it. After that I poured my mixture into my pie crust.

After that was done I started my meringue. I beat the egg whites until I had soft peaks then I started to add my sugar and vanilla slowly. I kept beating it until stiff peaks. I then added my meringue to the top of my pie and cooked it on 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

I thought my pie was delicious, it felt great and looked great.

Zucchini Bread

 So my partner and I decided to make zucchini bread. To do this I put up my hair, and then we both washed our hands.

To start off we preheated the oven to 325 degrees. Then we got all of our ingredients out. We needed flour, salt, baking flour, baking soda, ground cinnamon, 3 eggs, vegetable oil, white sugar, vanilla, and 2 zucchinis. We then put the flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon together in a bowl. We sifted these ingredients together. Next we beat the eggs, oil, vanilla, and sugar together in the kitchenaid.

I was chopping the zucchini into smaller pieces so it would fit better into the shredder. Once my partner was done mixing the egg mixture I put the zucchinis into the shredder and started shredding them. It took two bowls for all the zucchini pieces to fit in it.

Then we added the dry ingredient into the egg mixture. We mixed those together and then added the zucchini to it.

The we greased and floured 4 small bread pans. We poured the batter into the pans filling them about 3/4 the way full. Then we put them into the oven.

When the zucchini was done, our awesome classmate Cammy took them out of the oven for us, since we made them during storm lunch. The bread tasted amazing. It had the perfect amount of cinnamon in it. The breads rose perfectly leaving a few cracks in the top.

Quiche, I have never made a quiche before or actually even heard of one but it sounded really good when I knew what it was. A  quiche is pretty much a breakfast pie, I put egg, sausage, bacon and some other ingredients in mine.

The first thing I did was make the crust. I mixed my flour and salt together and then mixed in my lard. You want to kind of chop it in so that your end result is small pieces of lard. I then put a little water in mine to make it moist. After that I lightly floured my counter top and began to roll my dough out so it would fit my pan. Next I baked my crust until golden brown. I then beat six eggs together and added a little seasoning salt for taste. When I was finished with that I cooked my bacon and sausage and added that to my egg mixture.  I then cooked it on 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

I thought it tasted very good but I think I added a little to much seasoning salt so it kind of took over the taste of it.

Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore

First I heated up the skillet to 350 degrees. I used the same oil from the country fried chicken. Next I used my cut up chicken from the day before. Then we coated the chicken in a mix of flour, salt, and pepper. Next cooked the chicken in the oil.

While the chicken was cooking I cut up the vegetables. I started off by gathering the clove of garlic, then some bellpeppers .Tomato in a can oregano and white wine. It was really cool to see in side the bell pepper.

Then we dumped the old oil out and put clean oil in.after we put the veggies I put the chicken back in and added the oregano, white wine, and tomatoes and lowered the temperature to 325 degrees.For the next 30 min we covered it and let it do its thing, checking the inside of the chicken making sure it was 170 degrees before I could take it out. We then put it into a bowl and put them in the fridge for overnight.

The next day, we made noodles to go with the chicken. While the noodles were cooking, we put the chicken in the microwave and heated the pieces back up to 170 degrees. Once the noodles were cooked to perfection, we took them out and placed some on my plate. The chicken was moist but had a saggy breading from sitting in the fridge, then being microwaved it would have been better if it was fresh. You could really smell the white wine, but you couldn't really taste it.

Double-Decker Oreo Cheesecake

To start off we had to put our hair up, and to wash our hands. 
For this type of cheesecake you need oreos, butter, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, sour cream, 4 eggs, and chocolate chips. 

We started off with grating the oreo cookies. We did about 25-30 of these. It didn't take that long. Once that was done we then had to add butter to the bowl so we could make the crust. We use saran wrap to press it down on the bottom of the springform pan.
The next thing to do is to beat the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl with the kitchenaid until it is blended well. After that, we then added the sour cream to it. We mixed that very well with the mixer. Then we added 1 egg at a time until it was just blended after each adding of an egg. Once it was mixed very well we had to pour half of it into the springform pan. 

While we had the mixer going, I was melting the chocolate on the stove with a saucepan half full of water. I then put another saucepan in that pan after the water was boiling. The smaller sauce pan had the chocolate chips in it. Once it was all melted, we then dumped the chocolate into the rest of the mix of the cream cheese. Then we poured the chocolate layer on top of the vanilla layer. 

We did not let the vanilla layer set before we put it in, so they got mixed, which actually looked pretty neat. 

Then we put it into the oven for about 30 minutes because we wrapped the springform pan with aluminum foil. We then put the springform pan onto a cookie sheet and put some water in it. It make it cook a little faster. 

Once it was done, our teacher then took them out of the oven for us and put them into the fridge. Our cheesecake looked amazing. The taste was very rich. It also was very smooth. The crust tasted good with the cheesecake. I am glad we chose this recipe. It turned out great.


Chicken Cacciatore

To make chicken cacciatore there are many steps. First you will need to put up your hair, and wash your hands. The next step is to cut up the chicken. You need them cut into legs, thighs, wings, and the breast. The next thing is to get out a skillet and fill it with oil, which we used leftover grease from the day before. We turned the skillet onto about 350 degrees. Both my partner and I had to put flour, salt and pepper into a bowl to coat the chicken. So then we put the chicken into the skillet until both sides were golden brown. Then we removed the chicken from the skillet.

The next thing to do is to chop up the green bell pepper, and to chop the onion. The next thing I did was mince the garlic, which was pretty easy, but the garlic liked to stick to the knife. I did these things while my partner was cooking the chicken. Since the chicken was done we put the onion, garlic, and the green bell pepper into the skillet until the onion was slightly brown.

Since the onion, garlic, and green bell pepper was done, we then put the chicken back into the skillet. Then we had to add wine, oregano, and tomatoes. The wine is only there to help with the taste. There is no alcohol since its been evaporated out of it. We had to cook this for about 30 minutes on medium low heat. We had to temp the chicken so it was more than 165 degrees. Also we made noodles with our cacciatore, since its served over hot spaghetti noodles sometimes.

Since it was done, it was time to try it. I am not a huge fan of onions, green bell pepper, and tomatoes so I was not the biggest fan of it. The chicken tasted good, but some of the taste from them went into the chicken. It still tasted fine. The chicken had a great appearance. It was very nice and golden brown. Otherwise the appearance of the food was also a nice color. It had different variety of colors so things stood out.


To start off we had to of course wash our hands and I had to pull back my hair.

The first thing we did was make the crust for the quiche. For the crust we needed flour. salt, lard, and cold water. We actually doubled the recipe and made the soft pie crust at the same time.

We mixed the flour and salt together in a bowl. Once it was mixed together we cut in the lard. We used a tool for this called a pastry blender. Once we got all the lard mixed in we sprinkled some water to moisten the dough. We then used our hands to form two balls. Once the balls were made we used the palm of our hand to flatten the ball into a disk. I got out a rolling pin and put a sleeve over it. Then we grabbed a towel like object to lay down and we floured it. I used my hands to move the flour all around the towel. Then I took my rolling pin and rolled it around the towel. Once this was done I then grabbed the disk and started rolling it out. Once to the front, then to the back, then left, and right. Then I repeated that until it was big enough to fit into my pie pan. I took the towel and folded it in half and then in half again so my dough was about a fourth of the pie pan. I then set it in the pan to unfold it. Once it was all nice and neatly in the pan I took a butter knife and started to cut off the extras off the side so that there was only about an inch left. Then I used my thumb and forefinger to make design on the crust top.

The next days we got all our eggs out for it and I beat the eggs and at the same time I was also cooking bacon to put into the quiche. Once the bacon was all cooked I added my cheese and bacon to the eggs and put it in the oven.

When it was done cooking we let it sit for awhile.

Once it was cool I took a bite out of it. I tasted amazing, and I liked the taste of it besides the crust. I feel like the crust kind of ruined the taste for me. It just wasn't the best. The presentation of my quiche was awesome. It looked really nice compared to some of the other ones.

Chicken Noodle Soup

To make any type of food, you need to have a process. To make chicken noodle soup there are a few steps to do.

First off, you have to wash your hand and put up your hair. Next, it is time to start getting ready to make the noodles. To make the noodles you need flour, salt, water, and an egg. I started off by putting in a little bit of flour, all the salt, the egg, and water into a bowl. I then started mixing all this together adding a little bit of flour as I go. Once I had all the flour in I then rolled the dough out so it was flat. Once it was rolled out I rolled it up so it kind of looked like a snail. Then, I cut the noodles so they were about a 1/2 of an inch or maybe smaller and unrolled them so they could sit out overnight.

Once I was done, my partner and I got our chicken out of the fridge and took all the fat out and we started to peel the chicken off the bones and then put it back into the saucepan with the broth. The next day, we took the chicken out of the fridge and we put the noodles into the saucepan then we started to cook it. When it was cooking my partner decided it would be fun to put some chilli powder into the chicken noodle soup. He also put in a few bay leaves and some garlic.

The chicken and noodles did not take very long to cook. Once it was done it was time to taste it.

The chicken and noodles tasted pretty good. There wasn't much chicken in ours compared to the amount of noodles. The noodles were nicely cooked and they were nice and chewy. Homemade noodles are probably my favorite compared to other noodles. The chilli powder was not the bad as I thought it could have been. It gave the chicken noodle soup a different flavor than what I would like.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Soft Pie

To start off I had to make a crust that consisted of flour, salt, lard, and water. I mixed together the salt and flour first. Next, I had to cut in the lard with a pastry blender. This didn't take long to do. After that I had to put in some water. I then formed it into a ball and used the palm of my hand to form a thick disk.  I got out a rolling pin and put a sleeve over it. Then we grabbed a towel like object to lay down and I floured it. I used my hands to move the flour all around the towel. Then I took my rolling pin and rolled it around the towel. Once this was done I then grabbed the disk and started rolling it out. Once to the front, then to the back, then left, and right. Then I repeated that until it was big enough to fit into my pie pan. I took the towel and folded it in half and then in half again so my dough was about a fourth of the pie pan. I then set it in the pan to unfold it. Once it was all nice and neatly in the pan I took a butter knife and started to cut off the extras off the side so that there was only about an inch left. Then I used my thumb and forefinger to make design on the crust top. Once we had the crust all nice and put into the pan I put holes in it so it wouldn't have air bubbles when it was cooking. I cooked the crust until it was golden brown and that took about 15 minutes.

The next day I started to make my pudding for the pie. I made chocolate pudding for it. For this I needed; sugar, cornstarch, salt, milk, 4 eggs, unsweetened baking chocolate, and vanilla. I put all the dry ingredients into the sauce pan and mixed them together. Before I turned my burner on I had to separate the whites from the yolks. The next thing to do was to beat the yolks slightly.

Once that was finished, I then turned on the burner to about medium heat and started slowly pouring in the milk and mixing it as I was pouring it in. I had to cook this until it got thick and bubbly.

Now, was the more difficult part. To add the chocolate pudding into the eggs, while stirring so it doesn't turn into scrambled eggs. Now its time to put the eggs into the pan, still stirring. Now I had to bring it back to a gentle boil. Now, its time to add in the vanilla.

While I was making my pudding I also had to make the meringue. I had to use the egg whites that we didn't need for our pudding. I mixed them until it was nice and frothy. Now it was time to add vanilla, and cream of tater. I mixed that together until it made soft peaks. Now, I added the sugar, and we beat the mixture on high until stiff peaks formed.

Once the pudding was done I then poured it into the crust and put meringue on top and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes until the meringue was golden brown.

Now that the pie is done and the meringue is golden brown, it is time for it to sit for about 4 hours, so the pie can set.

The pie tasted great. The pudding was nice and chocolatey. It had a great flavor. The meringue was fluffy. The meringue had a nice texture to it. The top of the pie looked amazing. The cust tasted okay. I honestly would have liked it better with a graham cracker crust, but we couldn't use that, because it is too easy for us to do. The appearance of the crust looked great and the sides we nice and crimped.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Deviled Eggs

For this lab, my partner and I had to find a recipe that contained eggs, milk, cheese, or any other type of dairy product. My partner and I decided to make deviled eggs. It was my second time trying deviled eggs because my first time trying them was the day before when I tried a classmate's deviled eggs.

We started off by putting 12 eggs in a big pan with water that was filled about 3/4 of the pan. We put the heat to medium and added a little salt so the water would boil faster. We waited until we saw the water boiling vigorously, and removed the pan from the heat. We still had the pan on the stove, but not on the heat and we also put the lid on. While the eggs were cooling, my partner and I measured out the mustard and mayo.We did add salt and pepper for more flavoring. Once the eggs were cooled down a little, we ran them through some water and peeled off the outer egg shell. After all the egg shells were off each egg, we cut each egg in half and scooped out the yolks. We then mixed the yolks with the mustard mixture and combined till it was well blended. We then put the mixture and in a plastic bag and cut the end off so we could squeeze the mixture onto the eggs. Finally when all the eggs were filled we added a little paprika to top off the mixture on the eggs.

The eggs turned out good, I think.You could definitely taste the mustard, that was in the mixture. I could taste a little of the mayonnaise so it kind of all had taste like a pickle. I simply love eggs, but I'm not a big fan of deviled eggs. I'll eat them, but I'd rather just have a boiled egg with some salt and pepper.


For this lab, me and my partner had to make a recipe that contained raw vegetables. We both agreed to make a mild salsa. This recipe consisted of mainly just chopping up vegetables and mixing them, and so it was simple.

My partner and I, shared what we're going to cut up. I had to cut up 1 onion, some cilantro, and 2 tomatoes. My partner had to cut up 3 cloves of garlic, 1/2 jalapeno pepper, and 2 tomatoes. I have always had trouble cutting onions, so I took awhile on the onion so my partner was done with her pepper and garlic when I was done with the onion. When we got done, it was time to cut up the tomatoes. I have never cut up a tomato before, and neither did my partner. So we kind of diced them our own way. We then mixed all the vegetables together, with the tomato juice, and then we were done.

The salsa turned out well, I really liked the garlic flavor in our salsa. I also liked the taste of the pepper because I like a little spiciness in my salsa. Next time I will have to make a corn and bean salsa because I've never had that! (Sorry no pictures)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Zucchini Bread

For this lab, me and my partner had to find a recipe that was a baked vegetable. So me and my partner went to look for a recipe and found Zucchini Bread. This was my first time ever having Zucchini Bread, so I didn't really know how Zucchini Bread is suppose to taste, but it turned out delicious.

I first started off by preheating the oven to 325 degrees, and after that, me and my partner had to grease and flour the bread pans. Once that was done, my partner cut up the zucchini and grind it in the grinder for the Kitchen Aid. While she was doing that, I mixed flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and cinnamon in a separate bowl. In the Kitchen Aid bowl, I had to beat an egg, oil, vanilla and sugar together. When the mixture was blended well, I added the dry ingredients little by little. After all that, and the creamed mixture was blended well with the dry ingredients, we stirred in the zucchini. We didn't have nuts for this recipe because my partner does not like nuts, so I was okay with that. Finally, when the grated zucchini was stirred in, and the mixture was starting to become more of a liquid, we poured it into 4 bread pans. We didn't pour the mixture into the pans full, because we knew that the bread would rise a lot if we did. We then let the bread bake for 50 minutes.

When I first had the chance to eat Zucchini Bread, I didn't know what to expect. I expected to taste a lot of zucchini, but I didn't. I could still taste the zucchini, just not as much as the cinnamon and sugar. The bread was very fluffy on the inside and had a very smooth and thick outside, which is my favorite part. I will definitely plan sometime soon on doing this recipe again. Next time I'll add walnuts because that's probably a big part of the recipe. Overall, easy and very delicious if you like the taste of cinnamon and sugar.